Love and Choosing Death—video

In January, Steve Goldenberg and his doctor joined a lawsuit against several district attorneys across New York that aims to legalize aid in dying – also called physician-assisted suicide. In April, state district attorney Eric Schneiderman made a motion to dismiss the suit.

Whether the judge decides to hear arguments, it’s unlikely Goldenberg will survive to see the final outcome.

“If I get to see spring, I’ll be lucky,” Goldenberg said. If throat cancer doesn’t end his life, complications from diabetes or many illnesses related to AIDS will, he said. He wants his doctor to prescribe life-ending medication in case the pain becomes unbearable.

His doctor would like to help but could face manslaughter charges if he does.

Since December 2014, lawmakers in the District of Columbia and at least 25 states across the nation, including New York, have introduced so-called death with dignity bills.

The Guardian published this piece in July 2015.